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remodeling kitchen lighting

Remodeling Kitchen Lighting

If you are currently upgrading and remodeling your kitchen, you need to watch our video about recessed lighting. With the proper ceiling lights, you can make your room feel larger and brighter, consider doing recessed lighting. Maybe even add some great new hanging light fixtures like the ones in this photo. You can see how much the color of wood and light colored granite can really bring a warm feeling into the room.

The other item of great remodeling is the lights in the cabinets with glass to showcase your dishes, china and crystal. The cabinets really take a new life when you can see everything in them before you open the door.

All the new lights even light up the floor. Ethical Electrical can create a new warm kitchen for you too with all the new lights and fixtures to brighten up your cooking space.

If your home is an older home, we will make sure that your current lighting system is capable of handling all this new lighting energy you are going to add to the current electrical system. You may need new GIF’s or additional ones. We will also check out your electrical service panel for any need of replacing circuit breakers. Many times in older homes, the circuit breakers need to be replaced. We will be sure to test and inspect these circuit breakers for any problems.

Be sure to watch video in earlier post below, it really gives you an education about recessed lighting.

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