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We are happy to give you some office lighting ideas to think about. As a avid reader of the Electrical Contractor Magazine, we found this very informative article we want to share with you. Who ever thought that lighting could be so educational. We thank Craig DiLouie for writing this very educational article. We are giving you just a taste and hope you enjoy it.

The Right Light: Color Tuning

By Craid DiLouie

While light makes sight, lighting shapes perception, particularly in regard to color in the things we see. This is because visible white light is made of colors. For us to see an object as a certain color, that color must be present in both the light and the object.

Electric lamps typically do not emit light in a balance color spectrum; the relative intensities of different colors, therefore, affect the appearance of a space. A white light source rich in red and orange wavelengths will bring out warmest colors and flesh tones. A white light source rich in blue and green wavelengths will bring out cooler colors. A light source with balanced red, green and blue wavelengths can make colors appear more vibrant.

The advent of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has led to possibilities with color control that either did not exist previously or were difficult or costly to implement. Many LED luminaries are available with out-of-the-box dimming capability with a negligible cost adder. For the Lighting to have color tuning capability, either separately dimmable arrays of warm and cool LEDs are mixed, or separately dimmable colors are mixed with white. This makes it possible for color temperatures to either automatically change at various times of the day or in response to certain events, or users can manually adjust the color temperature based on evolving space needs or occupant preference. There also is an effort being made to connect the design of electric lighting systems with regulation of circadian rhythms. Advocates of this link believe changing color temperature in certain ways throughout the day can affect health and productivity.

There are many practical uses of this type of control in commercial buildings. Here are several possibilities that might be explored:

Open offices in which the prevailing color temperature matches the actual or idealized daylight cycle, providing a sense of connection with the outdoors and visual cues about time of day.  Day lighted offices in which the color appearance of the electric lighting is automatically tuned to blend with the daylight
Private offices where the occupant is given a remote control device to adjust both intensity and color temperature based on need or preference
Meeting spaces set to cool lighting during business and warm lighting during a special social event.
Retail store where the color appearance of the light is adjusted according to time of day, exterior environment, fashion season and changing pro-duct displays
Restaurant dining rooms set to cool lighting during business luncheons and warm lighting during evening dining hours. Automatically ensure constant color output from LED luminaries being dimmed or from those that color shift as they age.

In short, as with the ability to control white light’s intensity through dimming, the ability to control its shade makes lighting systems much more responsive to organizational and user needs, thereby increasing value.

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