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home attic inspectionHome Attic Inspection

Here is a sample of bad home wiring in the attic. If you haven’t been in the attic for 30 years. We should do some hazard prevention inspections in your attic.

Perhaps you are getting ready to re-do your insulation in the attic. Well, now would be the time to do an inspection and get those wires properly secured or replaced. This photo shows notching in the wood where someone has placed the wires in the notches and stapled one and not the other. Did you know that notching in the wood joist is a violation of the building codes. Notching also weakens the integrity of the wood.

Let an expert do the inspection and make the necessary changes in the wiring. This may save your home in the long run. If you are considering doing a insulation upgrade or improvement. Now is the time to get the home wire attic inspection completed.

The photo above is an example of Knob and Tube House Wiring.  This is very old method of house attic wiring.  If you have this type of wiring, you need an total upgrade. Please do not hesitate to call and get a custom quote.  We will be able to answer all your questions about this old type of wiring.  Master Electrician, Dominic Portesi is very familiar with this type of wiring.

Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical is able to do an business or home attic inspection before you start doing those new improvements. He is an experienced electrician Glendora CA.

Give Dominic Portesi a call for an in home attic inspection.


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