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Welcome to the Ethical Electrical Blog! So glad you decided to spend some time here learning about our services. We serve the entire San Gabriel Valley Area and also the Inland Empire Area. A few of the cities included are Upland, Claremont Glendora, Rialto, Rancho Cucamonga, San Dimas, Montclair, Covina, Ontairo, Alta Loma and many more.

My name is Aaron Dominic Portesi and I have been in the electrical trade for over 25 years. Please read my about page to learn more about my personal travels to other countries doing electrical jobs and humanitarian projects.

If you are looking for a honest, ethical electrician, you have come to the right spot. This blog is where I hope to give you more tips and educational information about the services I provide. Blogging is a hobby for me and well, frankly we can post more personal posts that we can at our other website called Ethical Electrical.net it is also informative but more static than this website. I hope you will return here from time to time and see our new postings and whats going on in the electrical industry.

Electrician Upland CA

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Electrical Outlets

electrical outlets upland caElectrical Outlets Installed or Repaired

Ethical Electrical of Upland is the go-to company to do repairs and new installation of electrical outlets.  Upland Electrical Contractor who knows that your safety of electrical outlets is a must.  If the electrical outlet is damaged, or the plugs just won’t stay plugged in, its time to call an expert. The constant movement of loose electrical outlets can loosen the wires connected to the outlet and create a dangerous arcing.  Or perhaps you have many outlets without any GFCI features.  You need an electrician to determine just how many GFCI receptacles you need.  There are many considerations. Hire a true professional like Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical.

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Whole House Fan Installation

whole house fan upland caWhole House Fan Installation

Serving Upland, Ontario, Claremont, Glendora, San Dimas, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga, Covina, and Montclair, California.

With temperatures reaching the 100’s it a great idea to have a whole house fan.  It helps you get the hot air out fast.

Ethical Electrical provides whole house fan installation. With the summer heat on the way, it may be the time to think about installing that long desired whole house fan.

The whole house fan is used to exhaust the building heat in the building’s attic. It is designed to circulate air in the home or building. Generally it can pull the air out of the building and force it into the attic space. Then forcing it out through the gables, or vents in the roof. It is important to leave windows open in the home or building to draw cooler air through open windows. Generally homeowners use this system later in the day when the temperatures are starting to cool down.

This system is rather tricky and does require a electrician to install the the whole house fan. In addition your attic needs to be checked out for circuit wiring, and if needed new attic vents. More vent area is better for optimal whole house fan performance.

There are additional operating precautions when using these large exhaust fans. Open windows throughout the house to prevent a powerful and concentrated suction in one location. When there is not enough ventilation, the fans can cause a back draft in your furnace, water heater or gas-fired dryer, pulling combustion products such as carbon monoxide into your living space. Therefore use a professional electrician who can make sure you have the proper whole house fan installation

Ethical Electrical serves the Upland, Montclair, Ontario, Clairmont, Covina, Glendora, San Dimas, Alta Loma and Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

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Office Recessed Lighting

Office Recessed LightingOffice Recessed Lighting Ideas

We are happy to give you some office lighting ideas to think about. As a avid reader of the Electrical Contractor Magazine, we found this very informative article we want to share with you. Who ever thought that lighting could be so educational. We thank Craig DiLouie for writing this very educational article. We are giving you just a taste and hope you enjoy it.

The Right Light: Color Tuning

By Craid DiLouie

While light makes sight, lighting shapes perception, particularly in regard to color in the things we see. This is because visible white light is made of colors. For us to see an object as a certain color, that color must be present in both the light and the object.

Electric lamps typically do not emit light in a balance color spectrum; the relative intensities of different colors, therefore, affect the appearance of a space. A white light source rich in red and orange wavelengths will bring out warmest colors and flesh tones. A white light source rich in blue and green wavelengths will bring out cooler colors. A light source with balanced red, green and blue wavelengths can make colors appear more vibrant.

The advent of light-emitting diode (LED) lighting has led to possibilities with color control that either did not exist previously or were difficult or costly to implement. Many LED luminaries are available with out-of-the-box dimming capability with a negligible cost adder. For the Lighting to have color tuning capability, either separately dimmable arrays of warm and cool LEDs are mixed, or separately dimmable colors are mixed with white. This makes it possible for color temperatures to either automatically change at various times of the day or in response to certain events, or users can manually adjust the color temperature based on evolving space needs or occupant preference. There also is an effort being made to connect the design of electric lighting systems with regulation of circadian rhythms. Advocates of this link believe changing color temperature in certain ways throughout the day can affect health and productivity.

There are many practical uses of this type of control in commercial buildings. Here are several possibilities that might be explored:

Open offices in which the prevailing color temperature matches the actual or idealized daylight cycle, providing a sense of connection with the outdoors and visual cues about time of day.  Day lighted offices in which the color appearance of the electric lighting is automatically tuned to blend with the daylight
Private offices where the occupant is given a remote control device to adjust both intensity and color temperature based on need or preference
Meeting spaces set to cool lighting during business and warm lighting during a special social event.
Retail store where the color appearance of the light is adjusted according to time of day, exterior environment, fashion season and changing pro-duct displays
Restaurant dining rooms set to cool lighting during business luncheons and warm lighting during evening dining hours. Automatically ensure constant color output from LED luminaries being dimmed or from those that color shift as they age.

In short, as with the ability to control white light’s intensity through dimming, the ability to control its shade makes lighting systems much more responsive to organizational and user needs, thereby increasing value.

If you wish to learn more about how to control lighting in the office and give comfort to your work place environment. Be sure to visit Electrical Contractor Magazine at www.ecmag.com

At Ethical Electrical we are your experienced and licensed Electrical Contractor in Claremont CA. We have years of experience in the electrical industry. If you have an office, restaurant, retail store, or any commercial business, we are able to take care of your lighting installations, or electrical installations and repairs. Dominic Portesi is our Head Electrician and is the expert in the Commercial and Industrial Industry. Please give him a call and ask any questions regarding electrical work on these types of business buildings.

For office recessed lighting installation or repairs, contact Ethical Electrical.

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Grocery Store Electrical

Grocery Store ElectricalGrocery Store Electrical Systems

The owners and managers of such facilities need repairs and upgrades frequently. This is because a Grocery Store is the most electricity intensive type of commercial facility. By that we mean, practically everything in the store relies on electricity. The refrigeration of fresh food, produce, meats, frozen foods, lighting, room atmosphere cooling or heating can be so expensive. Thereby leaving a very small profit margin.

There are hundreds if not thousands of grocery stores who need updated equipment and systems to gain an edge on increasing cost of produce and products. It takes an experienced Electrical Contractor who has created complex electrical systems to help those companies do their upgrades.

Dominic Portesi is that man, he has years of electrical contracting experience he has installed systems for grocery stores, movie theaters restaurants, refineries , medical buildings, hotels and motels.

Some of these commercial electrical systems included load calculation, wire size calculations, duct fill calculations, conduit fill calculations, all wire requirements, purchasing of all materials required, figure device and motor termination, ordering of all materials and testing.

Then after getting it operational, how about setting up that back-up system installed to work with the current operation system. Without a backup generator system for a commercial system. You will most certainly lose lots of money when you have that electrical storm hit the area.

Recently in our home area, we had an electrical storm. The power was out for many many hours. But one store remained open. It was a comfort for those who need to buy emergency batteries, candles and ice for their home refrigerators That day I will always remember. Even though it was only overnight. I will not forget how the other stores had to close down. The store with the backup generator gained a profit and helped the neighborhood which was grateful.

If you need a commercial electrical contractor, contact Dominic Portesi.

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Electrician Upland Video

Ethical Electrical just published a new YouTube Video.

Ethical Electrical is located in Upland CA. Dominic Portesi is one of the most experienced electrician in the area and quick to respond to your electrical problems. Please feel free to share it with some of your friends. If you need a personal visit for a custom quote, please do not hesitate to call. I travel all the surrounding cities in the Inland Empire, including Upland, Claremont, Rancho Cucamonga, San Dimas Electrician, Glendora, Alta Loma, Rancho Cucamonga and Montclair, CA.

If you are a home owner, renter or commercial business, Dominic Portesi has the experience to handle any type of electrical problem or new installation. Commercial contractors contract him for large and small jobs. This video give you a good idea of all the services that Ethical Electrical can make available for you. It has photos of work completed, it has before and after photos and some pretty good music too. We invite you to watch the video and share it on your Face Book page or Google Circles page. We hope you will help promote a ethical electrician Dominic Portesi.

Ethical Electrical Upland CAEthical Electrical believes in providing only the best electrical parts when completing recessed lighting.

Electrician Upland CA

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Electrical Contractor Ontario CA

electrical contractor ontario caElectrical Contractor Ontario CA

Electrical Contractor Dominic Portesi, is an expert commercial industrial electrician. If you have a high voltage electrical problems, he is the trouble shooter. If your building has the industrial type of control panels, 120Volts and 220Volts circuits, 277 Volts and 480Volts circuits he has years of experience in installing and repairing this type of electrical equipment.

A few other types of services he provides are repairs or replacement of accent lighting, back up generators, breakers and fuses, computer wiring Cat 6 and Cat 5.

Ethical Electrical is licensed and bonded in the State of California.  Dominic Portesi has been providing electrical services for over 25 years.  Always keeping safety in mind, he give exceptional service.  All while providing safety, protection, cleanliness, patience and helping others.

Perhaps you have a few code corrections that need to be fixed fast. Whatever your need is Ethical Electrical is quick to respond. Dominic Portesi provided all types of electrical repairs and new installations.  There is not job too small or too difficult for him to complete.  His experience goes back over 20 years.

If your home or business has server panels and you need repairs or need it tested, updated, repaired or replaced.  He is very capable of getting this job done right the first time.

Are you a Senior or Military Veteran Retired or Active Soldier? He gives special discounts for ages 55 and older.  With proof of service, he will provide a discount.

For a industrial or commercial electrical contractor contact Dominic Portesi.

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Home Attic Inspection

home attic inspectionHome Attic Inspection

Here is a sample of bad home wiring in the attic. If you haven’t been in the attic for 30 years. We should do some hazard prevention inspections in your attic.

Perhaps you are getting ready to re-do your insulation in the attic. Well, now would be the time to do an inspection and get those wires properly secured or replaced. This photo shows notching in the wood where someone has placed the wires in the notches and stapled one and not the other. Did you know that notching in the wood joist is a violation of the building codes. Notching also weakens the integrity of the wood.

Let an expert do the inspection and make the necessary changes in the wiring. This may save your home in the long run. If you are considering doing a insulation upgrade or improvement. Now is the time to get the home wire attic inspection completed.

Dominic Portesi of Ethical Electrical is able to do an business or home attic inspection before you start doing those new improvements. He is an experienced electrician Glendora CA.

Give Dominic Portesi a call for an in home attic inspection.


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