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kitchen recessed lightingKitchen Recessed Lighting

Kitchen recessed lighting can really give your kitchen a new look and help you see a lot better in that old kitchen.

“Wow What a Difference!” the wife remarked, and ” Now I can see what I am cooking!”

The Kitchen was drab and poorly lighted. But now you can see much better.

This ceiling had dreadful fluorescent lighting. The plastic lenses were discolored, it had low light distribution. The ceiling constricted the room. It had dated wood framing. The sound of buzzing ballasts drove the family crazy. It gave a cold feeling in the room. It was drab and multicolored lighting, from replacing florescent lights that did not match.

But Afterward, the room seemed clean and clear. The lights installed were six inch recessed lights. It gave vivid lighting distribution. The ceiling seemed more open, and it transformed the kitchen. We added crown molding in the opening. We provided complete kitchen ceiling lighting, patching and painting up to 10 foot by 12 foot. What a transformation to any kitchen that is outdated. Give Dominic at Ethical Electrical a call for a custom quote for your kitchen lighting update.

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