Commercial Electrical Systems

commercial - industrial electricianCommercial Electrical Systems

Dominic Portesi has provided commercial electrical systems for many large companies.

He has run crews of employees up to 26 personnel and electricians at a time to build commercial electrical systems. He has built systems from the ground floor up, completed the layouts, routing methods, material required, material purchasing, installation, production, scheduling, termination, quality control, testing and evaluation. Including training the personnel to complete the job, on time and on budget.

Dominic Portesi has passed all UL Inspection, CE Inspections, N.E.C. Inspection, NASA Inspection, Corporate, City and County Codes. There is very little that Dominic has not experienced about being an electrical contractor serving all areas of the Inland Empire.

This photo is a photo taken at the site that is a Class 1 Division 1 Shelter he built from the ground up. If you are a commercial business needing a large commercial electrical system, Dominic Portesi loves a challenge.

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