Grocery Store Electrical

Grocery Store ElectricalGrocery Store Electrical Systems

The owners and managers of such facilities need repairs and upgrades frequently. This is because a Grocery Store is the most electricity intensive type of commercial facility. By that we mean, practically everything in the store relies on electricity. The refrigeration of fresh food, produce, meats, frozen foods, lighting, room atmosphere cooling or heating can be so expensive. Thereby leaving a very small profit margin.

There are hundreds if not thousands of grocery stores who need updated equipment and systems to gain an edge on increasing cost of produce and products. It takes an experienced Electrical Contractor who has created complex electrical systems to help those companies do their upgrades.

Dominic Portesi is that man, he has years of electrical contracting experience he has installed systems for grocery stores, movie theaters restaurants, refineries , medical buildings, hotels and motels.

Some of these commercial electrical systems included load calculation, wire size calculations, duct fill calculations, conduit fill calculations, all wire requirements, purchasing of all materials required, figure device and motor termination, ordering of all materials and testing.

Then after getting it operational, how about setting up that back-up system installed to work with the current operation system. Without a backup generator system for a commercial system. You will most certainly lose lots of money when you have that electrical storm hit the area.

Recently in our home area, we had an electrical storm. The power was out for many many hours. But one store remained open. It was a comfort for those who need to buy emergency batteries, candles and ice for their home refrigerators That day I will always remember. Even though it was only overnight. I will not forget how the other stores had to close down. The store with the backup generator gained a profit and helped the neighborhood which was grateful.

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Commercial Electrical Systems

commercial - industrial electricianCommercial Electrical Systems

Dominic Portesi has provided commercial electrical systems for many large companies.

He has run crews of employees up to 26 personnel and electricians at a time to build commercial electrical systems. He has built systems from the ground floor up, completed the layouts, routing methods, material required, material purchasing, installation, production, scheduling, termination, quality control, testing and evaluation. Including training the personnel to complete the job, on time and on budget.

Dominic Portesi has passed all UL Inspection, CE Inspections, N.E.C. Inspection, NASA Inspection, Corporate, City and County Codes. There is very little that Dominic has not experienced about being an electrical contractor serving all areas of the Inland Empire.

This photo is a photo taken at the site that is a Class 1 Division 1 Shelter he built from the ground up. If you are a commercial business needing a large commercial electrical system, Dominic Portesi loves a challenge.

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Electrical Contractor Ontario CA

electrical contractor ontario caElectrical Contractor Ontario CA

Electrical Contractor Dominic Portesi, is an expert commercial industrial electrician. If you have a high voltage electrical problems, he is the trouble shooter. If your building has the industrial type of control panels, 120Volts and 220Volts circuits, 277 Volts and 480Volts circuits he has years of experience in installing and repairing this type of electrical equipment.

A few other types of services he provides are repairs or replacement of accent lighting, back up generators, breakers and fuses, computer wiring Cat 6 and Cat 5.

Ethical Electrical is licensed and bonded in the State of California.  Dominic Portesi has been providing electrical services for over 25 years.  Always keeping safety in mind, he give exceptional service.  All while providing safety, protection, cleanliness, patience and helping others.

Perhaps you have a few code corrections that need to be fixed fast. Whatever your need is Ethical Electrical is quick to respond. Dominic Portesi provided all types of electrical repairs and new installations.  There is not job too small or too difficult for him to complete.  His experience goes back over 20 years.

If your home or business has server panels and you need repairs or need it tested, updated, repaired or replaced.  He is very capable of getting this job done right the first time.

Are you a Senior or Military Veteran Retired or Active Soldier? He gives special discounts for ages 55 and older.  With proof of service, he will provide a discount.

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